I am a poet and a published author of You’ll Learn to Love Me.  I do poetry recordings and I do open mic poetry readings on the internet radio.

I am happily married to Garry Snyder almost four years.



2 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • Hello Kevin! The open mic poetry readings on internet radio is on blogtalkradio.com that I do. Nyla from Oregon and Andy from Canada hosts Re-Verse every Sunday night 8 P.M. Eastern Time through 10 P.M.eastern time.
      This open mic is where you only can read anyone else’s poetry but your own.

      Nyla from Oregon and Michael from Boston hosts Speakeasy Cafe every Thursday night from 7 P.M. through 10 P.M. Eastern Time.
      This open mic readings is where you only read your poetry that you have written.
      These two open mic readings are the ones that I am a regular on right now and my husband is, too.
      But there are more out there.
      Reverbnation.com is where you upload your poetry recordings and music, too.
      I hope this helps you, Kevin. If you need more info, I’ll be glad to tell you more.
      Thanks for the interest ! Have a great day!

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