All I Want



All I want is
to make a difference
in someone’s life
to touch someone’s
heart and soul
through  my poetry.

All I want is
to be the voice
for the unspoken ones
the voice for the unborn
and the children,
the homeless, the disabled
and the elderly.

All I want is
to write poetry
at least one poem.

All I want is
to keep on living
my dreams and
to see others keep
on living their dreams.

(C) By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Snyder)


Out of The Trees. The footpath starts off gent...

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Nature’s Silent Cry

The old oak trees softly swayed their branches
As if to say,
“What are you doing to us and our forests (our home)?
Why are you destroying us
With your carelessness?
Before you know it,
We, the trees, will vanish slowly
Until we all are gone.
Take care of us now,
Then we’ll take care of you.
Heed to our plea, we cry!”

The grass and the flowers are gently blowing
With the wind
As if to say,
“Why are you dumping your trash on us?
Why are you throwing your cigarette butts
Out of your car window
And setting us on fire?
We, the grass, used to be beautiful and clean
To sit on and to romp around on.
We, the flowers, used to be a beautiful site to see
But now we’re trampled on.
Please stop littering on us, we beg of you.
Let us be beautiful again!
Heed to our plea, we cry!”

The lakes are rippling gently
As if to say,
“What have you done to us?
We used to be so clear and so clean
That you could see our bottom.
No more now since you polluted us
With your chemicals and your trash.
Please stop polluting us
Before our aquatic life is completely dead.
Heed to our plea, we cry!”


(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Snyder)


If You



If you are happy,
Then go ahead laugh and smile.
Maybe you’ll make someone’s day.

If you are sad,
Listen to Richard Pryor’s jokes
Or watch a comedy show.
It’ll make you laugh.

If you feel like crying,
Go ahead and cry
Until you can’t anymore.
It’ll make you feel a whole lot better.

If you are lonely,
Do some volunteer work
Or be a friend to someone.
You’ll forget about being lonely.

If you are in love,
Do something special and romantic
For the one you love.

(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Snyder)

Will God Answer?

Will God Answer?



Tears streaming down the eight year old girl’s face
Like a river flowing steadily
As she stared out the dirty bedroom window
Looking up toward Heaven,
“Hello God, it’s me!
You’re my last hope.
You see, I don’t have anymore friends left.
The kids’ mommies and daddies don’t want them
Around me anymore because of my mommy.
She does this thing called dope
And now I’m nothing to her.
Her dope is before me.
I told her to stop
But she won’t listen to me.
Oh, God, I just want my mommy back.
I want us to be close
Like a mother-daughter should be.
I want my mommy to be there for me,
To give me advice,
To help me with my school problems.
I want my mommy to comb and do my hair
Then she would tell me to look in the mirror
And smile and say with a big grin,
“Wow, my baby, you look so pretty!”
I want my mommy to sing me to sleep
Or tell me bedtime stories.
I want my mommy to take me to the park
So she can push me on the swing
Or watch me go down the slide.
I want us to laugh together
At silly jokes.
I want her to teach me about life

Like how to clean house, about working,
How to cook
And how to survive in this world.
I want her to be there for me
When I grow up,      when I become
A teenager,          when I get my
First boyfriend
And he breaks my heart for the first time,
When I go to my first school dance,
When I graduate from high school,
When I get my first job,
When it’s time to go to college or not.

God, tell me, so is this too much to ask?

God, when I meet my dream man
We fall in love, get married
And have a baby
And my daughter becomes eight years old,
She wants a grandmother and her love
Like I want my mommy’s love.
I just want my mommy to hug me
And say, “I love you and I’m proud of you, my baby.”
So I can be proud of my mommy, too.
Just like I want my future eight year old daughter
To say about her grandma, too.
So tell me, God, is this too much to ask?




(C) By Noreen Ann Jenkins  (Noreen Snyder)

Memories Only Memories



faded by gone days

faded memories

memories of lost youth

memories of lost America

America losing ground

America going downhill

downhill and uphill

downhill too fast

fast not slow

fast and easy

easy come

easy go

go and fetch

go and get lost

lost cause

lost in love

love me or not

love for our country

country our country

country full of surprises

surprises and mysteries

surprises of the past

past of your life

past present and future

future memories

future of new life

life of me

life in U S A

USA only a memory

USA  land of freedom

freedom of speech

freedom of you and I

I love you

I cherish

cherish memories

cherish dreams

dreams of a better future

dreams to live

live a little

live one day at a time

time in a bottle

time stand still

still or move

still photos

photos of long ago

photos of lost memories

memories of yesteryear

memories are gone




(C) By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Ann Snyder)