Close to Orchestra

Close to Orchestra

(This is my 1st Blitz that I have written.)


hold me tight

hold me close

close and firm

close to your heart

heart of gold

heart beating fast

fast and slow

fast lovers

lovers lane

lovers forever

forever we’ll be true

forever I’ll love you

you are my world

you are precious

precious as a gem

precious as poems

poems from the heart

poems of love

love me tender

love so true

true to my word

true as vows

vows of marriage

vows unbroken

unbroken heart

unbroken promises

promises of success

promises of marriage

marriage and love

marriage is give and take

take me as I am

take me now

now is the time

now not tomorrow

tomorrow I’ll be here

tomorrow might come

come with me

come here

here it is

here is my key

key to my heart

key to my soul

soul and spirit

soul mate for life

life is grand

life like an orchestra

orchestra music is beautiful

orchestra music like love





(C) By Noreen Ann Jenkins

(Noreen Ann Snyder)

Memories Only Memories



faded by gone days

faded memories

memories of lost youth

memories of lost America

America losing ground

America going downhill

downhill and uphill

downhill too fast

fast not slow

fast and easy

easy come

easy go

go and fetch

go and get lost

lost cause

lost in love

love me or not

love for our country

country our country

country full of surprises

surprises and mysteries

surprises of the past

past of your life

past present and future

future memories

future of new life

life of me

life in U S A

USA only a memory

USA  land of freedom

freedom of speech

freedom of you and I

I love you

I cherish

cherish memories

cherish dreams

dreams of a better future

dreams to live

live a little

live one day at a time

time in a bottle

time stand still

still or move

still photos

photos of long ago

photos of lost memories

memories of yesteryear

memories are gone




(C) By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Ann Snyder)