The Lizard and the Robin

The sun is glaring
with a few clouds
and a little breeze.
The lizard was pumping
as if it were doing sit-ups
trying to impress
a female lizard.
A robin appeared.
“Oh my lizard !
How masculine you look !
How strong you look
for being small!”
“Well thank-you, my friend!
I’m just trying to
impress my girl
but no such luck.” The lizard said.
The robin said, “Be yourself and
you’ll truly impress her.”




(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins

(Noreen Snyder)


Today Belongs to Love

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Your Love

I love the way
you look at me,
your face lights up
like a bright star.
I love the way
you call me darling or honey.
I love the way
you say I love you, darling.
I love the way
you touch me, hold me,
kiss me.
I love the way
you love me
and care for me.
I love the way
you make me happy.
I love the way
you treat me
like a woman should be treated.
I love the way
you make everyday
special with me.
No one can love me
the way you do.
I love you, darling,
just the way you are.

(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins

(Noreen Snyder)


For my loving husband, Garry Snyder.


Out in the Country

Laughing and running through the fields
With the wind blowing through my hair
And stopping to smell the wild flowers
And gathering the pretty ones for a bouquet.
Smell the air!   Fresh and clean!
Not like the air in the city.
What a pleasure to spend a day
Out here in the country!
Stop!   Look!   And listen!
There’s a pretty butterfly sitting
On top of the wild flower
And it’s glad to be out here, too.
Over yonder a robin perched on the tree limb
Singing a joyful song.
Oh boy!   The sun is going down
And time to go back to the city.
What a bummer!



(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins

(Noreen Snyder)


Judge’s Prayer



Oh God, I’m only human
And I sure ain’t perfect
So I do misjudge the defendants
That comes before me in court.
Help me, oh, God, to make sure
That justice has been served fairly,
To make the guilty ones pay
And the innocent ones go free.
Give me the wisdom, knowledge and guidance
In my decisions for every case
That goes before me;
Because, God, you’re the only one
Except for the defendant who knows for sure
If he or she is guilty or not guilty.


(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins

(Noreen Snyder)


All I Want



All I want is
to make a difference
in someone’s life
to touch someone’s
heart and soul
through  my poetry.

All I want is
to be the voice
for the unspoken ones
the voice for the unborn
and the children,
the homeless, the disabled
and the elderly.

All I want is
to write poetry
at least one poem.

All I want is
to keep on living
my dreams and
to see others keep
on living their dreams.

(C) By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Snyder)


Out of The Trees. The footpath starts off gent...

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Nature’s Silent Cry

The old oak trees softly swayed their branches
As if to say,
“What are you doing to us and our forests (our home)?
Why are you destroying us
With your carelessness?
Before you know it,
We, the trees, will vanish slowly
Until we all are gone.
Take care of us now,
Then we’ll take care of you.
Heed to our plea, we cry!”

The grass and the flowers are gently blowing
With the wind
As if to say,
“Why are you dumping your trash on us?
Why are you throwing your cigarette butts
Out of your car window
And setting us on fire?
We, the grass, used to be beautiful and clean
To sit on and to romp around on.
We, the flowers, used to be a beautiful site to see
But now we’re trampled on.
Please stop littering on us, we beg of you.
Let us be beautiful again!
Heed to our plea, we cry!”

The lakes are rippling gently
As if to say,
“What have you done to us?
We used to be so clear and so clean
That you could see our bottom.
No more now since you polluted us
With your chemicals and your trash.
Please stop polluting us
Before our aquatic life is completely dead.
Heed to our plea, we cry!”


(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Snyder)


If You



If you are happy,
Then go ahead laugh and smile.
Maybe you’ll make someone’s day.

If you are sad,
Listen to Richard Pryor’s jokes
Or watch a comedy show.
It’ll make you laugh.

If you feel like crying,
Go ahead and cry
Until you can’t anymore.
It’ll make you feel a whole lot better.

If you are lonely,
Do some volunteer work
Or be a friend to someone.
You’ll forget about being lonely.

If you are in love,
Do something special and romantic
For the one you love.

(C)By Noreen Ann Jenkins
(Noreen Snyder)