View the World Through my Heart


I don’t mean to make you cry.

I just want to pull your heartstrings,

touch your soul,

touch your heart,

and make you think.

I want you to view

the world in a different light.

I want to make you smile

and laugh.

If I can do that,

then my poetry

is not written in vain.

Then to me, my poetry is priceless

and worth more than gold.


(C) Noreen Ann Jenkins

(Noreen Ann Snyder)



The Priceless Gift of Friendship

The priceless gift of friendship
is a gift of only you can give.
Friendship can’t be bought,
traded or won
or forced on someone.
It can’t be wrapped up
in a fancy bow.
It doesn’t come with
a price tag
and it’s worth more than gold.
It is more precious
than material things.
It is being a friend
to someone in need
or who just wants a friend.
Oh what a joy it is
to give the priceless
gift of friendship
that came from your heart!
It is the priceless gift of friendship.



(c) Noreen Ann Jenkins
Noreen Ann Snyder